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Sanwa JLX-TPML-8YT-SK Joystick
The SANWA JLX-TPML-8YT-SK joystick is a very high quality joystick that comes with a flat mounting plate.
This new silent joystick has an adjustable blade micro switch.
This allows you to adjust when the steering will engage.
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Sinden Arcade pedal
The Sinde Arcade Pedal is a custom designed Time Crisis Arcade style pedal.
Made from solid steel coated with epoxy powder.
It is designed to give an Arcade quality look and feel.
This is a perfect way to play Time Crisis alongside a Sinden Lightgun.
It is also possible to use 2 at the same time for supported 2 player games.
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ESP32 Wroom32 - 38 pins
ESP32 Wroom32 card - 38 pins with ZeDMD software installed
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Universal Fighting board - Fusion - to solder
The Universal Fighting Board 'Fusion' to solder is a version without connectors of the Universal Fighting board 'Fusion'.
This product is exclusively intended for modders who wish to integrate the product into the most compact space possible.
Apart from the absence of a connector, it has all the characteristics of the original version.
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Power cable jack 5.5mm Male multistandard 2m
5.5mm jack power cabling.
Connects to any electrical device using a 5.5 jack connector.
Its specific tip allows it to be installed on 5.5mm / 2.1mm or 5.5 / 2.5mm jack connectors.
Its length of one meter will allow you an easy installation
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P5 mini Fighting board
The P5 mini Fighting board is a PCB that works on PC, PS3, PS4 and PS5.
This product requires soldering and is intended for people familiar with soldering iron
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Side rail - to paint (x2)
Side rails for Bally / Williams pinball machine, 2 pieces (left and right).
Unprimed raw sheet metal, to be painted.
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Stern LCD Display Shield
Stern LCD display shield for SPIKE 2 system pinball machines.
Shipped and shown with protective paper applied.
The shield itself is crystal clear.
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Ratchet wrench for pinball foot screws
This ratchet wrench features a 5/8" head and a 9/16" second for use with all foot screws.
The 12-point bits allow easy access and grip of the foot screws, even in the tightest places.
This wrench is made from forged and heat-treated vanadium steel, allowing it to easily withstand daily use.
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Soft socket for pinball leg screw
This soft material socket will allow you to install your plated or “titanium” foot screws without chipping and/or scratching when installing or uninstalling them.
This socket is a great item to add to your pinball toolbox! Socket fits any 3/8" socket wrench.
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Brook Wingman PS2 clear : PS2/PS1 - PS4/PS5/XBox/Switch Adapter
The Wingman PS2 is a cross-platform controller converter designed by Brook. It allows you to take advantage of new generation controllers on your PS2 (fat or slim), PS, and PS classic game consoles.
125 controllers are supported, including those for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Elite2 and Xbox 360.
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Tilt - pincab
Support for service buttons in unpainted metal.
Allows you to install 5 7mm service buttons.
Delivered without button.
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4 unpainted legs Stern - Flipper - Pincab
Foot for Pincab or pinball type Stern.
Set of 4 feet to paint new.
Non contractual photo.
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Sanwa JLF-P-W - Actuator
The JLF P-W is an actuator produced by Sanwa to optimize its JLF series joysticks.
This actuator offers a shorter engagement distance.
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Seimitsu NT LS 56-58/6x - Quick Release Replacement Shaft
Unscrewable rod for Seimitsu LS-56/58/62 joysticks.
It replaces the original rod while allowing it to be unscrewed to take your joystick wherever you go.
Its unique design allows the insertion of masses of different heights, to adjust the height of the stem to your needs.
By default, the kit comes with 2 masses of 3mm height.
They can be replaced by one or more others.
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Bullet bubble ball top - Light Green
Seimitsu brand Bullet bubble ball top light green suitable for all joysticks of this reference brand.
This bullet ball top also fits perfectly on joysticks equipped with a stem with a 6mm screw pitch like all Sanwa brand joysticks.
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Bullet bubble ball top - Green
Seimitsu brand Bullet bubble ball top green suitable for all joysticks of this reference brand.
This bullet ball top also fits perfectly on joysticks equipped with a stem with a 6mm screw pitch like all Sanwa brand joysticks.
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Leg Leveler with Nylon Glide
Jack for Pincab or Flipper stand.
This jack is equipped with a foot of 4.5cm in diameter and a height of 7.3cm.
It incorporates an anti-scratch nylon pad that allows the pinball to slide slightly without scratching the floor when you shake the pinball.
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Brook power bay - Dock for Switch, GC Controllers
This switch dock is lightweight and lets you keep gaming on its built-in screen while it charges.
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Sanwa JLX-TP-8Y Joystick
The Sanwa Joystick JLX-TP-8Y (without mounting plate) is one of the best Japanese joystick.
It will accompany you whatever your style games (Fight, Shoot'em up)
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