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Electronic coin comparison
Electronic coin comparison, insertion of parts from the top (drop inserting type).
With ejection mechanism
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3 inch trackball PCB 60in1
Ideal for PCB 60in1.
Find or learn Centipede, millipede and Arkanoid.
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MVS - 161 in 1
Find 161 Neo Geo hits on a single cartridge.
This cartridge works on a Neo Geo MVS motherboard (Arcade version).
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T-Molding 19mm (3/4") Red
Fields to protect your arcade cabinet.
Allow 8 meters for a cabinet (check before buying).
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T-Molding 19mm (3/4") Blue
T-molding blue 19mm (3/4 ") wide.
The price displayed is for a length of 1 meter.
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Sanwa GT-Y - Octogonal restricter
The octagonal joystick guide SANWA JLF-TP is the essential joystick accessory for all fans of fighting games.
Thanks to its 8 channels, you can easily make all the combos!

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Micro switch - Joystick - 4.8mm
One Micro switch for standard joystick (not for SANWA standard).
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Neo Geo joystick extension
Neo Geo controller extension cable.
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JAMMA Harness - terminal 4,8mm
New JAMMA wiring, ideal for making or re-connecting a terminal. This product is suitable for:
Joysticks with 4.8mm Terminals
Buttons with 4.8mm lugs
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Sanwa OBSF 24mm - Orange
Sanwa OBSF 24mm snap-in pushbutton for metal control panel.
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Sanwa OBSF 30mm - Orange
Sanwa OBSF 30mm -orange snap-in pushbutton for metal control panel.
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Cam locks 17mm
17mm lock supplied with only one key.
The screwable part is 14mm.
The lock is installed in a 19mm diameter hole.
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SmallCab - Supergun Delux + case
This supergun (v1.6) allow you to use JAMMA PCB directly on your TV equipped with SCART.
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trackball light PS2
Ideal for a mamecab this trackball is recognized as a three-button mouse under Windows.
Find or learn Marble Madness and missile command to control their like the original game.

The trackball is transparent, green when connected and red when a button is pressed.
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Flat yellow button "light" 28/86mm screw
Button translucent yellow bulb.
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