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CWL 309 shaft - Purple bat top
Replacement rod for Crown / Samducksa joystick.
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VGA to VGA cable - 1.4m
VGA to VGA cable for monitor.

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USED - Power supply 36V/8A - Terminals
N.B: Product sold with defect in appearance. The aluminum structure was folded on a corner during transport. (see photo).
36V / 8A terminal block power supply.
This power supply is used to supply several devices with 36V.
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Sanwa GT-8F - Guide 4/8 way
This guide 4/8 channels (GT-8F) is an original piece for joystick Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y.
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PS360+ - Universal USB 1 player
Xbox 360, PS3 (with PS2 BC), Xbox, Dreamcast, PSX and PC support, smart-detection for all supported systems.
USB Bootloader for firmware updates.
Headset jack for Xbox LIVE. 2.5mm audio jack and JST connector to choose from, JST connector compatible with SE and TE headset cables).
Optional Headset Detection disable solder jumper for headset jack extension cable use.
Player LED support for Xbox 360, PS3 and Dreamcast (on-board and external, cable NOT included). Optional on-board LED disable solder jumper.
USB "B" and RJ-45 jack with optional use of JST connectors (JST-cables NOT included).
USB jack is for standard output (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), RJ-45 may be used for all supported systems (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/PSX).
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HSB module for PCB PS360+
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The HSB is a small, simple hook up board that is used as an headset extension for your PS360+.
Mount the HSB inside your arcade stick and use your headset with easy access from the outside.
. No changes needs to be done on the PS360+ to make it work.
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USB Cable A/B
USB A / B.
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Sanwa JL-PP1 - Dust Washer
Sanwa Parts JL-PP1 Dust Washer is a replacement for the original black JLF-Series dust washer.
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Sanwa JLF-CD - Shaft Cover
This Joystick shaft cover kit (JLF-CD) is the perfect companion for your Sanwa joystick.
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Plexiglass screen and marquee - Bartop 19 inch Kit
Plexi kit for 19 inch SmallCab bartop.
This kit includes a plexi for the marquee and a plexi for the bezel.
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Illuminated joystick - Blue
Bright blue joystick arcade.
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Illuminated joystick - pink-Red
Bright red joystick arcade or supergun.
The pink handle turns red by illuminating.
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Illuminated joystick - Yellow
Bright yellow joystick arcade.
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Illuminated joystick - White
Bright white joystick arcade.
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Joystick Seimitsu LS-32-01-SS
The Joystick Seimitsu LS-32-01-SS are among the best arcade joystick.
There are produced in Japan and is especially suitable for shooters.
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Joystick Seimitsu LS-32-SE
The Joystick Seimitsu LS-32-SE are among the best arcade joystick.
There are produced in Japan and is especially suitable for shooters.
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Screws round head square neck bolt M4*35 (x4)
These screws are the essential complement to fix your joystick on a metal panel.
Is used on a panel with 4.5mm square holes.
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Scanline Generator - SLG3000 with case
This adapter allows you to find the same display as the Arcade cabinet at the time. To find the famous 'feeling'.
For this, the SLG 3000 generates a 'Scanline' (a dark line sandwiched between two lines) on the VGA screen (640 x 480 Display).

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Neo Geo joystick cable DB15
Replacement cable for Neo Geo joystick in DB15 format.
This cable is also suitable for the modification of an arcade stick to a Neo Geo stick.
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USB joystick-buttons 1 player (2.8mm terminals)
It connects easily a joystick (with a 5-pin connector) and up to 11 buttons arcade on your PC or Playstation 3.
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