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Ball Top Blue - Seimitsu LB-35
Handle blue ball to Seimitsu .
This handle fits snugly on Sanwa joysticks or Zippy.
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Ball Top white- Seimitsu LB-35
Handle white ball to Seimitsu .
This handle fits snugly on Sanwa joysticks or Zippy.
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Coin door with insert coin button
Black metal door for arcade with a corner insert button.
The coin is replaced by a button with a micro switch
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Speaker cover 95mm - Gold
Gold speaker cover.
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Brook Super Converter: Xbox360 to Xbox One USB Adapter
The super converter Brook Xbox 360 to Xbox One is a USB adapter to convert your Xbox 360 controller in a controller Xbox One.
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Official White Case - Raspberry Pi Model B 3
Official housing foundation Raspberry Pi
Housing in five parts with cover and removable sides
Facilitates access to display ports, camera and Raspberry HAT device
Removable side GPIO for easy access to the port GPIO pins 40
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GPIO wiring 2.8mm - Raspberry 2 players
Lot cable to connect two joysticks and 17 buttons on the GPIO port RaspBerry Pi 2, Pi 3 ou Pi 4
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Kit Bartop DELUXE
319.90€  287.91€
Bartop Kit widescreen, 19-inch to 24 inches 4/3 16/9.
This kit has been designed to offer an easy-quality product to rise.
The assembly is provided by cams and journals.
The bezels are marked and PMMA.
The full metal panel is tiltable thanks to its hinged measurement and lockable therein by latches.
The rear door closes wrench eliminating any risk of electric shock.
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Power cable - PC - 1.8m
Power Cables for PC.
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Round Guide - LS-32
This round guide for the Seimitsu LS-32 joystick significantly improves the feel of the game and allows for smooth circular movements.
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JAMMAsd - PC to JAMMA converter USB
The JammAsd is an interface card for connecting a pc to a JAMMA standard arcade machine.
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Screw Joystick - Multidirectional
Multidirectional joystick black / red screw.
This joystick is especially designed for fans of joypad or mini terminal projects in a box.
This joystick is installed on a wooden panel or on a metal panel.
It has the advantage of having only one attachment point which facilitates its installation.
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T-Molding 19mm (3/4") Yellow
yellow T-molding 19mm (3/4 ") wide.
The price displayed is for a length of 1 meter.
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T-Molding 16mm light Blue
Fields to protect your arcade cabinet.
Allow 8 meters for a cabinet (check before buying).
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kit illuminated joysticks / bright chrome buttons
This kit consists of joysticks and arcade buttons contains all the elements you need to create your arcade stick.
It is ideal for an arcade or a cocktail.
Bright buttons with chrome rim come with LED and all necessary wiring to their diet.
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