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Universal Fighting board pre-solder header
The PCB board Universal Fighting PS3 / PS4 is a PCB that works on Xbox One serie X|S, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, WII U and Switch.
It automatically détectecte on which console it is connected.
Supplied with connector and without cable.
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HDMI and USB extension - screwable - 0.5m
Extension HDMI and USB screwable.
Ideal for removing the HDMI port and a USB port from your PC or a RaspBerry.
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Dual USB extension cable - screwable 0.5meter
Dual USB extension cable.
Ideal for removing USB ports from a PC or RaspBerry.
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Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT - joystick
Original Sanwa Joystick JLF-TPRG-8BYT

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Joystick green apple bat top
Green apple bat top arcade joystick.
This high quality joystick is made by IL (Industrias Lorenzo).
And is equipped with Cherry D44X microswitch (the reference of microswitch).
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PCB adhesive holder
Self-adhesive spacer for PCB.
Allows the fixing of pcb has a fixing hole of 3mm.
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Haut parleur 10cm avec grille - 8ohms 25w
25W Speaker for arcade or any other application.
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Haut parleur 10cm - 8ohms 30w
30W Speaker for arcade or any other application.
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Ashtray tilts to find the atmosphere of the arcades.
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Bartop foot
Support stand for bartop or arcade terminal. This article is designed to install under your realization to ensure better stability and create an over-elevation.
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6.3mm male lug plate isolated
6.3mm flat male spade isolated.
Lets connect to female lugs of 6.3mm.
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4.8mm male lug plate isolated
4.8mm flat male spade isolated.
Lets connect to female lugs of 4.8mm.
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2.8mm male lug plate isolated
2.8mm flat male spade isolated.
Lets connect to female lugs of 2.8mm.
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Kit RaspBerry - Bat joysticks / bright chrome buttons
This kit consists of joysticks (not bright) and arcade buttons contains all the elements you need to create your arcade stick.
The joystick, the wide choice of colors, is the professional model that fitted the arcade Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, NBA JAM etc., arcade. Very versatile, it also fits well on a wooden panel on a metal panel.
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USB extension and jack - Screwable
USB Extension and Screw Jack.
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USB extender - Clipsable - 0.5m
USB extension cable with front connector.
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Seimitsu PS-14-G 30mm - Gray
Seimitsu PS-14-G smoke snap button panel metal
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Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm - Red and black rim
Seimitsu's PS-14-GN is a 30mm screw-in button that can be used as a main button.
It is usually accompanied by the PS-14-DN (24mm).
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Cable 80cm connector dupont - terminal 6.3mm
Cable with a duplex connector (2.54mm) on one side and a 6.3mm terminal insulated from the other.
Connects joysticks or buttons equipped with 6.3mm microswitch to the GPIO of a RaspBerry, a USB Xin-mo interface or a minipac.
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Door with two coin entry
Black metal door with two mechanical coin holders.
This door is installed on a wooden stand with eight fixing brackets included.
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