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Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm - Light green
Seimitsu PS-14-KN light green screw button panel wood or metal
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Seimitsu LS-33 - Spring
Original spring for Seimitsu LS-33 joystick.
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3.6V Battery Holder - CPS2
Support for battery 14250 (1 / 2AA).
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3.6V battery - CPS2
High capacity Lithium batteries for medium power applications.
Ideal for replacing CPS2 systems suicide batteries (requires support).
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Joystick Seimitsu LS-62-01-SS
The Seimitsu LS-62-01 joystick has a soft spring, a shorter 8mm handle than the LS-56-01 joystick.
It is equipped by default with an octagonal guide.
The diameter of its rod is identical to the LS-32 (10mm).
Flexible spring identical to LS-60.
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Joystick Seimitsu LS-60-SS
The Seimitsu LS-60 arcade joystick is similar to the LS-58, but offers improved feel with a softer spring.
The LS-60 joystick is equipped with a dedicated 8-way square restrictor and is a good alternative to the Sanwa JLF joysticks series for customers looking for a more fluid control of their fighting games.
The LS-60 is equipped with independent micro-switches, a dust cover, a stem cover and an optional color handle. The 'SS' version has an S-mounting plate.
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Terminal Handle - Glossy
Universal handle for arcade cabinet.
This handle is partially hollow which facilitates the grip.
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Universal clasp for panel
Universal fastening clasp.
This clasp will allow you to lock from inside the tilting panel of your arcade or your bartop.
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Double door, double coin - Cashbox
Black metal double door for arcade terminal.
This double door has two coin holders.
For added security, the plastic cash box is enclosed in a metal box.
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Tilt - pincab
Pendulum to manage the "Tilt" of a pinball or a pincab.
Attaches with four screws provided
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Bat top - White
White bat top for Zippy/Sanwa/Seimitsu joysticks.
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Cable 3.5mm stereo male - male 0.5m
AUDIO JACK Cable Male / Male for connecting audio devices with JACK taken.
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Coin entry - SEGA 220-5428-01
Original entry corner SEGA 220-5428-01.
This entry corner is made of raw plastic and has rounded edges.
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Coin entry - SEGA 220-5167-01
Original entry corner SEGA 220-5167-01.
This entry corner is in chromed metal and offers angular edges.
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SEGA coin ejector 250-5043.
Original part for your SEGA arcade terminal.
Used especially on the Universal cabinet (Naomi).
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PCB Xinmotek USB  - 2 players
Xin-Mo 2-player USB interface for easy connection of two joysticks and arcade buttons to your PC, Playstation 3 or RaspBerry.
Works under windows without drivers.
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Large detection bar for Light Gun Aimtrak
This IR light bar for AimTrak Light Gun is recommended for users with a screen of 50 inches or more.
This large IR bar replaces the standard IR bar that is supplied with the AimTrak Light Gun and has the advantage of allowing the gun to be used at a greater distance from the screen when used with different sizes. 50-inch screen and more.
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Factice coin mechanism
Mechanical coin 2 Euro coin insertion from above (drop inserting type).
With ejection mechanism
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Power supply 12V/5A - Terminals
12V / 5A terminal block power supply.
This power supply is used to power several 12V devices.
Ex: Light Buttons and an Audio Amplifier
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Arcade Power supply 5V/3A 12V/3A
5V and 12V power supply for arcade terminal.
Use with all small JAMMA-format PCBs that do not require -5V or high amperage on the + 5V (Ex: Slot MVS, PCB Xin1)
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