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Kit Bat joystick and buttons - 1 player for Raspberry
This kit, consisting of a bat top joystick and arcade buttons, contains all the elements you need toa one player configurationunder Raspberry Pi3.
The joystick is the professional model for the Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, NBA JAM, etc., in the arcade. Very versatile, it fits both on a wood panel and on a metal panel.
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Seimitsu DS-412-W - White
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Seimitsu DS-412-R - Red
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Compact cable clamp 17x25
Compact cable clamp in gray plastic.
Fixed with adhesive.
Japanese product that equip the candy cab.
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Aluminum ball top - purple
Purple aluminum ball top joystick arcade.
Fits perfectly on the joysticks SANWA, Seimitsu or ZIPPY.
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Kit Bartop 19 inch - white
Kit Bartop flat pack 19 "4/3 two players. Bartop two players in white melamine (19mm). This high quality kit will accompany you in your retro gamimg project.
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Brook Super Converter: PS3-PS4 to WiiU-Switch USB Adapter
The Brook Super Converter is a USB-based adapter designed to convert your Playstation 3 peripheral for use in the Sony Playstation 4 or PC. It does this without requiring authorization from an original gamepad. This unprecedented advancement makes the Brook Super Converter the most portable adapter on the market today.
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KORI mesh balltop transparent pink
The range of handles Kori (Japanese ice) mesh adapts perfectly to OBSC Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu K and KN.
The handles are fixed on Sanwa joysticks JLF-TP, the Seimitsu LS32 / LS55, on Zippy and HORI Hayabusa.
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Mini voltmeter 3/20V
Mini voltmeter from 3 to 20V. Perfectly adapted for your electronic assemblies. It will allow you to measure your 5V or 12V voltages of your terminals (to be connected as close as possible to your PCBs to avoid losses).
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Crown - JLF Conversion Shaft
The Crown conversion shaft is the perfect choice for those customers who want to add a ball top handle to their Crown joystick. The handles on the Crown joysticks are permanently fixed, so can’t be removed. This limits the choice of handle and colour options that a customer can use. This is where the Crown conversion shaft comes into play!
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SANWA SDM-20-G - Green
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SANWA SDM-20-R - Red
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SANWA SDM-20-Y - Yellow
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SANWA SDM-20-B - Blue
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SEGA - 5380 Key
SEGA 5380 key for Japanese Candy cab with 5380 lock.
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SEGA - 5575 Key
SEGA 5575 key for Japanese Candy cab with 5575 lock.
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SEGA - 5380 Cylinder
SEGA 5380 for Japanese Candy Cab. The barrel is delivered without a cam (movable part of the lock).
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SEGA - 5575 Cylinder
SEGA 5575 for Japanese Candy Cab. The barrel is delivered without a cam (movable part of the lock).
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Rigid insulation for flat spade female crimp 6.3mm
Rigid insulation crimp lug female flat 6.3mm.
Ideal for isolating flat crimps.
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White and green light button
Bicolor light button white and green. It is equipped with a LED (green) and a microswitch (standard or Cherry D44X in option).
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