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Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-STD
The Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-STD is a high quality arcade joystick, made in Japan by Seimitsu.
This joystick has specifications which are actually used under the supervision of professional gaming player Mr. Nobi, who is a former EVO winner and a highly respected Tekken player.
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Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-PRO
The Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-PRO is a high quality arcade joystick, made in Japan by Seimitsu.
This joystick has specifications made under the supervision of professional gamer Mr. Nobi, who is a former EVO winner and a highly respected Tekken player.
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Pack Shield KL25 Plunger
49.90€  37.43€
The Shield KL25 - Plunger pack is a simplified connection solution for your Pincab project.
This scalable pack will accompany you throughout the development of your Pincab project.
It will allow you to connect the first basic elements of your Pincab (buttons and ball lance).
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Sanwa OBSJ-24 - Metallic Pink
Sanwa OBSJ-24 Metallic red snap-in pushbutton for metal control panel.
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Sanwa OBSJ-30 - Metallic Pink
The OBSJ-30 is a 30mm clip-on button suitable for installation on a metal panel.
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Ball Top Metallic Pink - Sanwa LB-35
Sanwa Metallic pink Ball Top.
This balltop fits snugly on Seimitsu joysticks or Zippy.
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Micro HDMI cable - HDMI male - male - 1m
Micro HDMI cable - HDMI male / male.
This cable is perfectly suited to the micro HDMI connector of the Raspberry Pi4.
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5V 3A power supply - USB C
Power supply for device using a micro USB connector.
This power supply is particularly adapted to raspberry Pi3.
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4.8mm wiring - 6 buttons - Pandora Box 6 family
Complete wiring for Pandora Box 6 / DX family card.
Wiring identical to that supplied with the card, it contains all the connections to link your joysticks, buttons to your Pandora Box 6 or DX card (family version only).
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Pin2DMD - Shield STM32 Nucleo
The SmallCab PinToDMD Shield is a shield specifically designed for Nucleo 144 STM32F429zi / F439zi and for the PIN2DMD project.
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Seimitsu LS-32-01-MS-E 40ème anniversaire
The Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick is one of the most used joysticks in arcade.
He has equipped many arcade machines in Japan.
It can be used for fighting games or for shmups
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their LS-32-01, the manufacturer Seimitsu decided to make a special box.
In order to satisfy the greatest number, Seimitsu has included many interchangeable parts for modding specialists.
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Shooter Assembly Flatwasher
E-clip for williams type ball lance.
This clip placed at the end of the ball lance allows the maintenance of the large spring.
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USB 2.0 Hub - four ports
This USB HUB to USB 2.0 standard will allow you to easily add four USB devices (type A connector) to your computer.
It has the advantage of being compact and self-powered.
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Sheet of stickers - transparent / illuminated buttons
Sticker sheet for transparent or illuminated 28 / 30mm button.
Product to cut and stick on the patch which is inside the button.
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Audio Speaker Cable 2x0.75mm OFC by 10cm
Speaker cable 0.75 mm2. Excellent price / performance ratio, a remarkable sound quality compared to the price.
Cable consists of a single strand of strong central section that promotes the spread of low and a pure multi-strand copper suitable for medium and high frequencies.
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Slotting cutter arbor
Slotting Cutter Arbor.
Fits on any type of router.
This arbor is only compatible with Slotting Cutter for sale on this site.
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T-Molding 17.5mm (11/16") Chrome
Chrome T-molding 17.5mm (11/16") wide.
The price displayed is for a length of 1 meter.
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Mini Lego Arcade cabinet
Mini arcade machine with original Lego parts.
This set is exclusive in limited quantity and is offered to you for Christmas.
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Ultimate light board
To facilitate the installation of your LED Bar, we offer you an all-in-one pack.
This pack includes five RGB LEDs attached to a PCB to install on your Pincab.
The Ultimate power light board was designed to be connected to a Freescale
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Pin2DMD - Pack DMD P2.5 - V4 - NUCLEO-144
To facilitate the installation of your DMDs on your Pincab, we offer you a DMD P2.5 pack ready to be installed.
This pack includes two DMD P2.5 panels installed on their frame, an STM32 PCB with its updated firmware and the Pin2DMD software installed (License not included and to be paid for).
This set will save you time when installing the DMD on your pincab.
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