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Sanwa OBSF 24mm -K - Dark Gray
Sanwa OBSF 24mm snap-in pushbutton for metal control panel.
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Seimitsu PS-14-G 30mm - Gray and black rim
Seimitsu PS-14-G (30mm) blue and black snap button panel metal
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Deco Bartop DELUXE - Arcade Goblins
Decoration Kit DELUXE bartop Smallcab.
Printed on an adhesive vinyl with glossy UV coating.
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Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35
The Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 joysticks on the South Korean company SAMDUCKSA are arcade Professional quality joysticks.
They are used by professional players in the tournament (including TEKKEN).
The 309MJ versions use a system voltage rubber to provide a unique gameplay.
This allows such a rapid return to neutral, which is essential for fight games.
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Frame for DMD P2.5
Frame for DMD P2.5.
This frame of 34cmx10cm serves as support for two DMD in P2.5
It allows a simplified installation of DMD on your pincab.
The frame comes with Frame / DMD mounting screws and Frame / Pincab mounting screws.
Please note, this Frame is only compatible with the DMD P2.5 for sale on our site.
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Raspberry Pi4 Model B - 2GB
Faced with the supply difficulties of this product, we limit the sale to one unit per order.
In the event of multiple purchases, we will refund the order.
Thank you for your understanding.
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB

More efficient, faster and more sophisticated than its predecessor with its 64-bit quad-core processor.
The RPi 4 is here to meet your retro gaming needs.
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Diode 1N4007
1N4007 diodes are electronic components used in addition to toys with a coil.
These components are designed to protect the electronic boards used upstream of the toys from any electrical power return.
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Speaker cover 114mm x 166mm - Black
Grille de haut parleur rectangulaire en plastique noire rigide.
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Encoder USB Xinmotek joystick-buttons - 1 player 2.8mm terminals
USB interface to connect easily one arcade joystick and buttons to your PC or Playstation 3.
Ideal to make a mamecab.
Runs under windows without drivers.
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220V  - 400W Atx power supply
ATX 400W power supply for Supergun.
This power supply is ideal to start easily in the arcade at home.
It is perfectly suitable small configurations such as the Xen1 without power supply or for an MVS Slot.
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Neon FL15N
Neon Toshiba FL15N, fluorescent tube for NEW ASTRO CITY arcade terminal
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Starter FG-1E
FG-1E starter for neon. Fits most Japanese CandyCab (120V).
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Seimitsu LS-32 - Spring support
This spring holder is for Seimitsu joysticks of the LS-32 series.
This original piece is manufactured by Seimitsu.
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SmallCab - Supergun Deluxe V2
The Supergun SmallCab Deluxe (v2.2) will allow you to use JAMMA-style arcade cards directly on your TV equipped with a scart socket.
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20 Dupont cables male - female 20cm
Dupont male female cables of 20cm.
With this set of 20 cables, you will need to connect a STM32 card to the HUB75 cable of your DMD.
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Slatted switch
Metal ring for pinball button.
It's the essential complement to your pinball button.
This ring will allow you to permanently fix your pinball button.
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Teensy 3.2 and OctoWS2811 PJRC
This kit includes a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller and an octoWS2811 PJRC adapter.
This kit is frequently used as 'ledstrips controllers' on the pincab.
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M6 to M10 adapter
This M6 to M10 adapter allows you to install a handle with a 10mm thread on a joystick rod (Sanwa, Seimitsu) or a Smallcab ballpoint rod.
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Two-tone BAT top - purple and blue
The range of handles Kori (Japanese ice) adapts perfectly to OBSC Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu K and KN.
The handles are fixed on Sanwa joysticks JLF-TP, the Seimitsu LS32 / LS55, on Zippy and HORI Hayabusa.
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Two-tone bat top - green and yellow
The range of handles Kori (Japanese ice) adapts perfectly to OBSC Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu K and KN.
The handles are fixed on Sanwa joysticks JLF-TP, the Seimitsu LS32 / LS55, on Zippy and HORI Hayabusa.
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