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Sanwa JLF-TP-8S Joystick
The SANWA joystick JLF-TP-8S is a high quality joystick delivered with an S-plate. It is one of the best Japanese joysticks. It will accompany you whatever your style of games (Fight, Shoot'em up).
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Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop Green
Ball top for Zippy/Sanwa/Seimitsu joysticks.
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Insert M4*10 (x4)
Set of 4 M4 * 10 insert.
These inserts allow you to install your joysticks on a wood panel (MDF or melamine) with metal screws.
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2 x DMD - 160mmx80mm - P2.5
63.90€  57.51€
Lot of two DMD 160mm x 80mm representing a total display of 320mm x 80mm.
Supplied with its power cable and HUB75 connection cables.
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Brook Super Converter: PS3/PS4 to Neo Geo mini Adapter
PS3 / PS4 to Neo Geo mini converter.
Use your PS3 / PS4 wireless controller with your Neo Geo mini.
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Arduino Mega 2560 (R3)
Arduino is an open-source electronic platform consisting of hardware and software. Each aspect is designed to be simple, so you can learn how to code and design a project quickly and easily. This platform is designed for students, programmers, designers, hobbyists and experimenters.
The Arduino open-source software (IDE) is also there to help. It simplifies code writing and transfer to your card.
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Slide potentiometer, 10 kohm, 100 mm
High quality stereo linear slide potentiometer, in metal case.
Ideal for handling a ball lance.
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Arcade Speed Selector - Four Speed
Arcade speed selector with four micro switch for report management.
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Cam locks 20mm
Cam lock 20mm
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The STM32F407G-DISC1 PCB is the reference card for installing DMDs on your Pincab.
It is one of the essential toys for making a life-size Pincab.
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Slotting cutter arbor
Slotting Cutter Arbor.
Fits on any type of router.
This arbor is only compatible with Slotting Cutter for sale on this site.
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5V 2.4A - 5V 2.4A Dual USB
Device power supply using a USB type connector.
With its female USB type A output, you can connect any type of Type A cable to Type B, mini USB or micro USB.
N.B: Be careful, the amperage is too weak to power a Raspberry Pi3.
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Door switch
Door switch.
Allows you to cut off the power supply circuit accessories or illumination etc.
This element is to be connected directly after the phase of your input module. It cuts off the electrical input as soon as you open the door of your Arcade / Bartop terminal.
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Kit joysticks / buttons and USB interface
This kit, consisting of joysticks and arcade buttons, contains all the elements you need to equip / customize the panel of your stick or arcade. You can choose the length of the joystick rod depending on whether your panel is wood or metal.
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Marquee ARCADES Electronic
Marquee for Arcade Terminal 'ARCADES Electronic'.
Replaces the worn / damaged decoration of your original brand.
CAUTION:The Arcades Electronic terminals were available in multiple widths. Check before purchase.
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JLF (5-pin) to Hitbox Conversion Cable JLF (5-pin) to Hitbox Con
JLF-H type cable with five-point joystick connector and five PCB-independent connectors.
Hitbox 5-pin conversion wiring allows you to replace a joystick with a 5-point connector with buttons.
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Fighting board PS3/PS4 Plus
The PCB Fighting board PS3 / PS4 Plus is a PCB that works on PS3 / PS4 and PC.
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Kit Raspberry Sanwa joysticks / Sanwa buttons
This kit, consisting of Sanwa joysticks and Sanwa OBSF 30mm -buttons, contains all the elements you need for a two-player Raspberry setup.
The SANWA joystick JLF-TP-8YT is simply the Rolls of Made in Japan joysticks.
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Transparent case - fan - Raspberry Pi 3/B+
Transparent plastic case for RaspBerry.
This box has openings to display ports, camera and GPIO
The micro SD is also accessible when the case is closed. It can also screw on a surface or land.
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Blue transparent case - fan - Raspberry Pi 3/B+
Blue transparent plastic case for RaspBerry.
This box has openings to display ports, camera and GPIO
The micro SD is also accessible when the case is closed. It can also screw on a surface or land.
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