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40 Dupont cables female - female 20cm
3.80 €
20% VAT incl.
20cm Dupont male female cables.
With this set of 40 cables, you will have the necessary to connect a Freescale card to Mosfets to control Toys.
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Arduino Mega 2560 (R3)
44.90 €
20% VAT incl.
Arduino is an open-source electronic platform consisting of hardware and software. Each aspect is designed to be simple, so you can learn how to code and design a project quickly and easily. This platform is designed for students, programmers, designers, hobbyists and experimenters.
The Arduino open-source software (IDE) is also there to help. It simplifies code writing and transfer to your card.
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Carte USB Power
7.90 €
20% VAT incl.
USB Power is a card that allows you to:
- Provide more amperage to your USB devices.
- Turn off the power of your USB devices when the PC is off.
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Pack Shield KL25 Plunger
49.90 €
20% VAT incl.
   37.43 €
20% VAT incl.
The Shield KL25 - Plunger pack is a simplified connection solution for your Pincab project.
This scalable pack will accompany you throughout the development of your Pincab project.
It will allow you to connect the first basic elements of your Pincab (buttons and ball lance).
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PCB Freescale FRDM KL25Z
21.90 €
20% VAT incl.
The FRDM KL25Z Freescale Card is an essential element for any Pincab project.
Indeed, this card allows you to manage your buttons (Start, insert coin, launch ball, etc.). It also allows you to manage the Toys of your Pincab like the classic plunger and others. Its integrated accelerometer will allow you to manage the famous 'Tilt'.
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PCB Service buttons
9.00 €
20% VAT incl.
This PCB has 5 buttons and a six point terminal block.
It offers five service buttons (Door, volume management (+ -), Exit and Enter).
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Pin2DMD - PCB STM32 NUCLEO 144 - F429ZI
36.00 €
20% VAT incl.
The STM32 NUCLEO 144 - F429ZI PCB is the development board used by the V4 shields of the Pin2DMD team.
This card will ensure long-term support for the evolutions of the Pin2DMD software.
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Pre-configured Freescale FRDM KL25Z board
The Freescale FRDM KL25Z Card is an indispensable element for any Pincab project.
We offer it here with its pin male connection and Firmware 'Pinscape' installed.
The PCB being installed / configured by our technical service there can be no failure at startup!
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SC-plunger pack - slide potentiometer, 10 kohm, 100 mm
14.90 €
20% VAT incl.
   10.43 €
20% VAT incl.
The SC-Plunger pack is a simplified connection solution.
It consists of a linear stereo slide potentiometer, on which a PCB with 3 connectors is soldered.
These three connectors will allow you to connect the potentiometer to the KL25Z via the 80cm Dupont cable provided.
This pack is exclusively designed for the ball lance of your Pincab.
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SD card reader solder
1.50 €
20% VAT incl.
SD card reader module.
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Teensy 3.2 and OctoWS2811 PJRC
47.90 €
20% VAT incl.
This kit includes a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller and an octoWS2811 PJRC adapter.
This kit is frequently used as 'ledstrips controllers' on the pincab.
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USB 2.0 Hub - four ports
4.90 €
20% VAT incl.
This USB HUB to USB 2.0 standard will allow you to easily add four USB devices (type A connector) to your computer.
It has the advantage of being compact and self-powered.
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